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Design Concept and Practice of Live Shrimp Bucket

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Finding a balance between the use and protection of marine resources has always been our core pursuit as a manufacturer. We understand that in order to be sustainable, products must be designed with ecological impact and user experience in mind. Guided by this concept, we designed the Live Shrimp Bucket, which is not just a simple live shrimp container, but an innovative solution aimed at improving the freshness and sustainability of seafood consumption.

The Live Shrimp Bucket was designed to provide a versatile container suitable for both commercial and home use. Our goal was to create a system that would keep shrimp alive and healthy while making it easy for users to select and use. During the design process, we conducted in-depth research on the living habits and adaptability of shrimps to the environment to ensure that the Live Shrimp Bucket can simulate the natural environment and provide a comfortable "home" for the shrimps.

The Live Shrimp Bucket is made from a special material that is not only durable, easy to clean, and harmless to shrimp. We avoided using any sharp edges or corners that could cause stress or injury to the shrimp. The transparency of the container is also carefully designed so that users can easily observe the status of the shrimp, while also reducing unnecessary stress on the shrimp due to external interference.

Inside the Live Shrimp Bucket, we designed an advanced water flow and oxygen circulation system. This system ensures the flow of water and the supply of oxygen, simulating the living environment of the shrimp in its natural environment. By maintaining suitable water quality and sufficient oxygen, we can ensure the survival and vitality of shrimp after being harvested, which is crucial to the freshness and taste of seafood.

We also paid special attention to the user experience design of Live Shrimp Bucket. The opening of the container is designed with user convenience in mind, allowing the user to easily remove the shrimp from the bucket without tipping the entire container. In addition, the size and shape of the containers are carefully designed to suit different storage and transportation needs.

In terms of environmental protection, the design of Live Shrimp Bucket also reflects our sense of responsibility. We used recyclable materials and ensured the container is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance. We believe that by reducing our impact on the environment, we can not only protect marine resources, but also provide users with a better product experience.

The launch of Live Shrimp Bucket is a reflection of our commitment to the sustainable development of the seafood industry. We believe that by providing such innovative products, we can help consumers enjoy fresher and healthier seafood, while also promoting the protection of the marine ecological environment.

In short, Live Shrimp Bucket is more than just a container, it is a concrete practice of our concept of utilization and protection of marine resources. We will continue to work hard and innovate to meet the needs of the market while protecting our precious marine ecosystems. Through Live Shrimp Bucket, we hope to bring a better seafood experience to users while also contributing to the sustainable development of the ocean.